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Why do executives need coaching?
Today's managers and leaders are expected to do more with less. In addition to being experts in their own industries and business domains, leaders have to posses excellent interpersonal skills and emotional competencies to facilitate the development of individuals, teams and organizations. This is how executive coaching helps.
  • Collaborative relationship between the coach and the coachee through dialogues
  • Thought provoking and creative processes are used by the coach to raise self awareness, leading to behaviour changes and promote personal and professional transformation.
  • Achieve lasting behaviour changes through the skillful guidance of the coach and developed the ability of self directed learning.
Before one can achieve any behaviour change, individuals will need to first correct their cognitive distortions and emotional barriers. Otherwise, no amount of skills training will help. To achieve this, only coaches equipped with skills backed by research and evidence based techniques have the real ability to help clients with changes that last. In other words, skills training classes are not likely to result in lasting behaviour changes.

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Need a specialised executive search firm to assist in the hiring of confidential and/or complex senior executive roles? mimoTREE partners in-country executive search firms to provide our Employers a cost-effective solution in their search for "confidential & difficult-to-fill" roles. Our partners are ready to source for the right talent in their respective countries so that our Employers can select from a global talent pool. This enables our Employers to extend their reach to talents outside of their country of operations.

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mimoTREE provides payroll outsourcing services in the countries that we currently operates, i.e. Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and USA. Please feel free to contact us at if you would like us to assist you on this matter.