1. Can I apply for jobs through mimoTREE?
You may browse through our job listings once you have registered with us. However, all our candidates need to be referred by members.
When you spot a job you are interested in, all you need to do is to ask your trusted contact to log into his/her mimoTREE account and refer you for the job.

2. Why should I choose mimoTREE instead of other job search portals?
mimoTREE is a platform that allows you to be referred to suitable jobs by your trusted contacts. This means that the suggested jobs are highly relevant and the processing time is significantly shorter. Your resume will also be carefully reviewed by our specialists before it is forwarded to the employer.

3. Can anyone register as a candidate?
Yes, anyone can register as a candidate, but most of our vacancies are targeted towards mid to senior level executives with 5+ years of working experience.
1. Who can become a mimoTREE member?
Anyone can register to be a mimoTREE member. Our platform is targeted at mid to senior level working professionals, so it is preferable that you have at least 5 years of working experience in your industry.

2. Is membership free?
mimoTREE is absolutely free for all to use and there is no fee for members and candidates.

3. What is the difference between mimoTREE and other job portals?
mimoTREE is not a job portal, but a talent referral platform where members can refer their trusted friends and contacts and get rewarded for doing so.* We pay out one of the highest referral fees in the industry.
*Upon a successful hire of the candidate

4. What happens if more than one person refers the same candidate?
Based on our equitable sharing model, the referral fees will be shared amongst all the members who referred the successful candidate.

5. What if my referred candidate doesn't get hired?
You will still receive a fee if your candidate is selected for an interview and he/she attends it, subject to the eventual hired candidate is selected through mimoTREE. However, no fee will be distributed if your candidate is not selected for interview or decides not to attend the interview.

6. When do I get paid?
We will pay our referrers three (3) months after the candidate commences work, subjected to (i) provided that the candidate is still under employment by the same employer and (ii) employer has paid mimoTREE in full for the service rendered.

7. What if the candidates I refer gets fired or quits the job?
If the candidate gets fired or quits the job within three (3) months of his/her employment, no fee shall be payable. Referral fee is payable only after the referred candidate crosses the three (3) months' employment period.
1. How much will it cost to use mimoTREE?
mimoTREE is free to use. Service fees will only be charged upon successful hire of candidates. Please contact us at info@mimotree.com for a non-obligatory discussion.

2. How many jobs can I post a month?
There is no limit to the number of jobs you are allowed to post every month.

3. Do I need to sign a contract with mimoTREE?
Yes, we will arrange a meeting at your preferred location where we can share the details of our service agreement. This agreement needs to be signed before the jobs can be published in our platform.

4. How long does it take to find a suitable candidate?
Typically, it will take around 4 - 6 weeks to find candidates suitable for the role.
1. I have problems logging in / posting jobs / referring friends, and encounter an error message.
Please contact us at support@mimotree.com and tell us the problems you are having. A screenshot on the error message will help us in identifying the cause of the problem.
1. Press & Media
We welcome all press and media enquiries. Contact Us or email us at pr@mimotree.com